Feline bath

This nasty hot girl, decided it was time to cool of, but she also wanted to try out something new, and so the result was a brand new bath. She loved to feel the camera on her as she revealed her large juicy boobs, as she touched them and played with them, feeling all good and horny. And once she got to feel the hot water rolling down on them, reaching her pussy, she just could not help and released a sweet sexy moan, in a pure dorsfeline.com style.We really enjoyed this shoot with her and i know so will you. There’s always something that this cutie is up to and it always has to do with her getting naked and kinky as well. Well let’s see her play yet again. She knows that she’s going to have your full attention and she would like to play once more.

As it was mentioned, the sexy Dors Feline gets to play in the bathroom for this one and she is super eager to do so as well. Watch her getting in the shower first after taking off the towel and as she turns on the hot water, you get to enjoy quite the superb and sexy rear view of this superb lady’s amazing and nude body too. Then she turns around as the water starts to pour and her body looks even sexier with all that warm water caressing her sweet and sexy body. Watch her pull the shower head off and see her starting to use in to tease her sweet pussy even more. By the end of this simply glorious scene, you can see her moaning loudly in pleasure as the water stimulates her eager pussy. See you soon and do check out her past updates as well!

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Watch big boobed Dors getting all wet in the bathtub!


Hot Shooting

Feline is back with another hot gallery for you guys. She wanted to brag a little more with her smoking hot body and what better way that exposing it in some dirty pictures. She took off her cloths one by one and begun revealing her amazing body, with her huge melons and her wet tight pussy. Check her out in this insane gallery and watch the curvy Dors Feline as she gets to show off her simply superb body for you just like usual. And once again the kitchen gets used to parade her body and sexy outfit. Well the outfit itself is super kinky too and we bet that she’s going to be stirring your imaginations once more in her scene today. Anyway, let’s get to see her in more action.

The outfit that we mentioned is just a small red corset…and that’s it. Nothing else, no panties, no bra, nothing. As you know, her site is the best place to come and visit if you want to see some sexy views of a curvy babe that’s really kinky and energetic play by herself. And this scene is quite in that style too. Let’s take our time to see the busty beauty pose around the kitchen all naked and kinky and see her showing off her sweet nude body from every possible angles for you and the cameras today. It’s great as always to see her all naked on camera and more will be waiting for you next week as well. Be sure to drop by and say hello and enjoy a new one of her superb shows guys and gals!


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Spreading Legs

Feline brought you another sexy gallery. She insisted on sharing these hot pics with you guys. She was all alone the other day and decided to take some pictures around the house, completely naked. She slowly started taking of her cloths revealing her delicious curves, then spread her legs wide open exposing her juicy pussy. Enjoy it as always. Well either way you are in from a great scene with the sexy and hot feline as she gets to have more fun in the kitchen by herself. You know that she’s all about that getting kinky on camera and she just can’t help herself from putting on a superb show for you all to see and enjoy today. Let’s not waste time and see the action with her!


As you can see, the sexy Dors Feline went for another session of getting naughty in the living room. Her coffee table serves as the perfect little spot to show off her superb body for you today and on top of that she is also sporting a pretty hot and sexy bikini too. It’s all white and see through so you can bet that you get some glorious views of that amazing body of hers even before she gets to undress. Check it out and see the beauty lifting the top off to show you her glorious round tits and then see her slide the panties off as well for some nice views of her wet pussy too. Great scene and as always, come back again next week for another new update with the sexy and hot Feline!

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Horny in the Morning

Feline is hotter and hornier then ever in this insane gallery. She woke up one morning extremely horny and with a craving need for some pussy pleasing. So she took off her cloths and started fooling around in bed. Dors started massaging her impressive knockers and then slowly slipped her fingers in her wet tight pussy. She sais that she’s always feeling a bit horny and naughty when she wakes up, especially if she had one of her sexy dreams too. Well she also wanted to do this sort of morning scene for quite a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to let you all see her get to be wild and naughty right from the time she gets up from bed too. Let’s see her play.

The cameras start to roll and at first all you can see is her brightly colored hair popping out from under the white sheets. Then the sheets start to come off and you can see the sexy minx in all of her glory as she wakes up. She looks simply gorgeous even when she wakes up and as she takes off the sheets more and more you can observe that she was wearing absolutely nothing. She loves to sleep nude as it makes her feel more comfy and in case she wants to get naughty, she can do so with ease. Anyway, see her spreading those super sexy legs and watch her slip her hand between her legs. You can see the cutie masturbating furiously in this simply superb scene today!

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Massive boobs

Dors Feline has the biggest boobs in the business and she sure likes bragging with it. So at a private party she attended she found an empty room and started take some pics, nude pictured of course. She took off her white dress and started playing with her huge all natural melons, rubbing them, massaging them. Check her out in this hot gallery as another fresh week started and the lovely lady wanted to show you her body yet again. As you can expect she gets to be her usual naughty and kinky self as always and we know you’ll just adore it too. Sit back, relax and let’s get the show going to see Dors Feline be her usual naughty self as always just for you.


Feline knows how much you adore seeing her big natural melons and she’s more than happy to show them off to you every week. That and getting to dress up in sexy clothes too. So the usual goes down today and you get to see her make her entry to the living room. She’s got this afternoon to strip and tease as much as she wants and of course, first order of business is to display those all natural big tits proudly front and center. Once that is out of the way she gets to show off the rest of her body as well and it’s just amazing to see her be all kinky and stuff. Do make sure to check out this babe’s past scenes as well for even more simply incredible galleries with herself!

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Dors exposed

Feline is here with another hot gallery. She went shopping the other day and wanted to share with you guys her latest pictures. She tried out her new lingerie, but that didn’t last too much on her smoking hot body and before you know it she was exposing her amazing body, her delicious huge melons, bubbly ass and her wet tight pussy. Enjoy it as always and see one superbly beautiful babe showing off as much as she wants on camera. Like always, she looks just gorgeous and adorable and there’s no way you should miss any of her updates if you want to check out some of this sexy and sweet babe yourselves. Let’s get started and watch her in another amazing scene today!

Since it was that time of the week where she gets to be extra kinky the sexy miss Dors Feline went out and bought herself a new sexy pair of panties. They are of dark brown color and she was going to be showing them off for this fine afternoon to you without delay. See her going at it once more in her living room and of course first order of business is to show off her amazing boobs to you. Rest assured that she soon moves on lower and lower and you can see her displaying her big and sexy round ass as well. All in all, we get to enjoy the company off miss Feline once again and it’s a great scene to see. Have fun with it as always and we’ll be back soon with more of her!

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White Corset

Feline is here with her latest gallery. She wanted to show off her hot body once again so she started taking off her cloths one by one until she got completely naked. Before you know it she started pleasing her needs, rubbing her impressive knockers, massaging them, squeezing them and continued with her tight pussy. Check her out in this dirty gallery to see the beauty showing off what makes her so beloved by everyone once again. And if you’re new around here, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to learn fast what that is anyway. So let’s get the cameras rolling to see the short haired curvy cutie as she gets to do naughty and kinky stuff on camera this afternoon as well shall we?


One thing that everyone notices about this lovely babe every single time is her big smile that can brighten anyone’s day. As you can see she is super cute and she knows that full well. What she also knows, is that everyone adores seeing her sweet and sexy nude body as well. So every week you get a naughty show with her showing off, just like today. Watch her get to do some relaxing and playing with her naked body on her living room chair as she has this afternoon all to herself. It’s just amazing every time to see her play with her superb naked body and rest assured more will be here soon once more. Come back next week and see more of this super sexy and hot babe! Bye bye!

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Feline and her smooth pussy

Dors Feline is here with her latest gallery just for you lucky guys. She was cleaning her kitchen when she suddenly had this great idea. So before you know it she was completely naked and started pleasing her eager wet pussy. She jumped on the kitchen sink and started playing with her tight wet pussy. Check her out in this insane gallery and enjoy the view of your favorite curvy babe getting wild with herself once more just for you. As you can probably see, this time she decided to get kinky in her kitchen. So anyway, let’s get this started and see what the cute and sexy curvy babe Feline was up to today shall we? We bet that you are eager to see her play again too!

It was a pretty hot day outside and the babe went to the kitchen with the intention to make herself some cool drinks to cool off herself. Well once more the horny feelings struck as she was preparing the things and she just had to take care of it. Watch the busty beauty starting to undress and you can check her out playing with her very very lovely tits as she fondles them. Then she gets in the sink of all places as she needs to cool off her pussy as well. So watch her showing off that perky pink shaved cunt too and see her starting to masturbate once again then and there. It’s a mighty fine view of this lovely woman and we know you’ll feel the same too. See you next time with more!


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Horny Afternoon

Feline brought you another hot gallery. The other day she was feeling extremely horny so she started taking care of her eager tight pussy. She took off her tight black dress, bent over the table, spread her legs wide open and slowly slipping her fingers in eager tight pussy stretching it. Check out her hot gallery and see the scene ended once more with the busty beauty. As you know by now, miss Feline is a super horny little babe and she always makes sure that everyone knows it. Today she was extra kinky and horny and she was going to do something about it right in front of the cameras and you guys. So let’s watch her in action once more this fine day without delay shall we?

She was in the living room watching some TV and while she was surfing the channels she caught a naughty little love scene from a movie. Well that was enough to make the superb curvy lady horny enough to want to play with her sweet pussy. And so, she went ahead and took off her pants and panties. The only thing that was left on her was her high heels and her top. Take your time to see the cutie getting naughty in the living room and watch her as she gets to bend over while she starts to masturbate. She wants you to have a good look at her finger fucking herself in her tight cunt this afternoon. Have fun with her scene and as always come back next week for a whole new one as well!


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Feline Stripping

This cute BBW is back with this insane gallery. She was all alone at her place and thought that this is the perfect occasion to take some pictures for you guys. She laid on the table, slowly started taking off her sexy white dress and started playing with her impressive all natural juggs, squeezing them, massaging them. Check her out and see how this scene ends when the babe is done showing off. Well either way she’s a master of teasing everyone and it’s a great scene that shows off her glorious curves on camera once again. Let’s get the show going as we bet that you guys are super eager to see miss Feline play once again on camera for your enjoyment today!.


Like we mentioned, she was wearing a white and sexy dress that made her look just gorgeous. And as soon as the cameras started to roll, the babe started to get busy. The trick is that she is not sporting any lingerie underneath that dress and she’s quick to show that off. Watch her lay on her back with her superb body pretty much visible completely and see her playing with her huge boobs. Of course, you also get to watch her playing with her pussy as well as she wasn’t about to pass up on the chance to play with her cunt either. Anyway, it’s an amazing scene today to see so make sure you do so. We will return next week with another gallery of hers so make sure you stay tuned!

Check out naughty Dors massaging her impressive knockers!